How it all started.

Back in 1979, Bob Berg started The PCL System and began a solvent recycling program that was the first of its kind in California. The ‘closed loop’ system was 100% recyclable when a lot of dirty solvents were still being dumped into local landfills and waterways.

After nearly four decades, we’ve seen a lot of regulation, technology and paradigm shifts in California manufacturing. As a result, many companies have left the state due to the heavy regulations and costs involved. However, the Berg family (now in its sixth generation) remains firmly intact. California is our home and we truly believe that through innovation, integrity and quality staff that numerous opportunities are still abound.

Striding boldly into tomorrow.

Pacific Resource Recovery was born out of the success of The PCL system that serviced the body shops industry throughout California for many years. Currently, the focus is on two main areas — System and our TSD Facility. Working in concept for all of our clients, our TSD Facility and railcar site in Los Angeles, California, manages 10 rail cars with our waste-to-energy programs. We will continue to do our part in protecting the environment and our clients. The future depends upon us working together.

Read what people are saying about us.

Don’t take our word for it, just look at what some of our clients have to say.

“FMS Foam Molders & Specialties has been a customer of Pacific Resource Recovery Services (PRRS) for over 20 years providing compliant solvent delivery and industrial waste services. Our services are on a customized to meet our facility’s usage requirements and production schedule.”

Alex Martinez

Environmental Health & Safety
FMS Foam Molders & Specialties

“Managing our Hazmat Waste and suppling our compliant solvent has never been easier and at a minimal cost to each Repair Order (RO).”

John Carey

Regional Manager for Seidner’s Collision Centers.